Matcon’s advice on getting the mix right with tumble blenders

Matcon is a leader in mixing solutions, renowned for its innovative Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC), which are available in Canada from Firing Industries. Manufacturers must select the right equipment to achieve the perfect blends of ingredients. One type of mixers that Matcon recommends for gentle handling of items is tumble blenders.

A recent blog entry by Matcon explores what tumble blending is, how it works, and what applications are best suited for this method.

Mixing dense powders, fragile solids

Tumble blenders are rotating mixing machines, of which the Matcon IBC blender is one style. A low-impact blending device, this blender typically turns at a speed ranging from five to 25 revolutions per minute, depending on the ingredients. As tumble blending results in accurate, repeatable mixing, it works for applications using regulatory standards.

Tumble blending involves diffusion of particles, allowing them to roll, cascade, and fall over every exposed surface as the blender’s vessel rotates on a horizontal axis. Users often load raw materials in layers, as opposed to side-by-side, to optimize this mixing/flowing pattern. This low-shear mixing method is recommended for dense powder, fragile solids, and abrasive materials like cereal or bakery mixes; it also suits blends that contain trace components and ingredients that differ in size and density.

Among their advantages, tumble blenders are easy for users to control. Some have variable frequency drives that enable soft, slow starts for full loads. Users can adjust the cascading motion of the product and even program blenders to stop automatically after a certain amount of spins.

What distinguishes Matcon tumble-blending equipment from other devices is the full manufacturing flexibility. IBC blenders from Firing Industries mix ingredients without letting the product contact the blender, so users can change recipes immediately. Companies can mix three or four batches per hour with no downtime, and the blender occupies a small footprint. Finally, one IBC blender can accommodate the full range of Matcon IBC containers, which saves users plenty of money.

With Matcon’s tumble-blending solutions, food-processing companies mix ingredients efficiently and gently.

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