Meat analyzer by NDC always delivers exceptional measurement accuracy

Firing Industries Ltd. teams up with NDC Technologies to bring innovative analytical and measuring solutions to the Canadian food-processing sector. NDC’s InfraLab at-line analyzer is a popular choice for many food and tobacco applications – and it is also ideal as a meat analyzer. Quality is a top priority for meat processors, so constituents like protein and fat must be controlled tightly to reduce lean giveaway and ensure a perfect product.

Reliable results in ten seconds

Faster and more economical than the standard laboratory testing method, the InfraLab gets reliable results in just ten seconds when measuring protein, fat, collagen, and water content in meat. The NDC team has developed this solution by combining more than half a century of expertise with close work alongside many leading meat-processing companies worldwide. This is why the InfraLab delivers exceptional measurement accuracy for the meat industry, with unparalleled intelligence.

To keep meat products within a specified target value, companies that process ground beef and pork require reliable fat-content analysis. Rapid at-line testing in a processing facility begets the timely data that workers need to maintain product quality and decrease lean giveaway. Production and quality personnel can confirm on-target specifications for fat and lean content with additional measurements of protein, collagen, and water content; this speeds up batch release and reduces the frequency of external product testing.

The NDC InfraLab at-line meat analyzer is easy to use and requires no special skills. Anyone can get accurate, instantaneous measurements of fat, moisture, protein, and collagen in grab samples of meat from the line. The device requires no re-calibration after the user adjusts it to work in harmony with the company’s preferred methodology or external test house, with its proven long-term stability and unique self-checking ability.

This meat analyzer is available from Firing Industries in three versions – fat only, fat plus moisture and protein, and all three plus collagen. Its hygienic format, substantial internal memory for thousands of sample data files, Ethernet connectivity, and ability to export data make meat processing easier.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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