Micron’s Flexomix agglomeration system is the ultimate powder-processing solution

Firing Industries is Canada’s top source for powder-processing equipment by Hosokawa Micron, which has been a world leader in particle-processing solutions for decades. One of this manufacturer’s most innovative products is its Flexomix agglomeration system, a powerful solution that combines two proven Hosokawa Micron technologies: the Flexomix continuous mixer, and the Schugi fluid bed dryer and cooler.

Also known as wet granulation or particle-size enlargement, agglomeration improves many physical properties of powder, such as flowability, wettability, dispersability, bulk density, and final product appearance.

Provides optimal process control

In combining two innovative Hosokawa Micron technologies, the Flexomix agglomeration system offers optimal process control, making it the ultimate powder-processing solution available. The system creates instant agglomerates with an open, raspberry-like structure, as well as good solubility and good flow traits.

Designed to be compact, the Flexomix continuous agglomerator enables homogeneous blending of powder and liquid at capacities of up to 40,000 kilograms per hour (kg/h). It has a flexible mixing chamber and a shaft with adjustable mixing blades that rotate at high speeds. Specially designed and built for this agglomeration system as a stationary unit, the Schugi fluid bed dryer has no moving parts, which makes it ideal for scaling for almost any size.

Users can control the Flexomix system with a cutting-edge integrated control system that is based on PLC and SCADA. Other considerable benefits of this system:

  • Continuous process;
  • Capacities ranging from 50 and 40,000 kg/h;
  • Separate operating units for agglomeration and drying/cooling applications, resulting in maximum process control;
  • Ability to add multiple liquids at once;
  • Vertical mixer/agglomerator with self-cleaning mixing chamber; and
  • Integrated system approach.

To see how the Flexomix system works, watch the video below:

Trust Hosokawa Micron for top powder-processing solutions.

About the companies

Based in Summit, NJ, Hosokawa Micron has been providing size-reduction systems and powder-processing solutions for nine decades.

Founded in 1973, Firing Industries supplies complex industrial process equipment throughout Canada. Its head office is in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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