NDC assists food processing with superior measuring instruments

Among the vital applications in the food-processing sector is correct measurement. Food producers need to gauge specific quantities of protein, fat, and moisture in order to make the products correctly. NDC Technologies is a pioneer in manufacturing measuring instruments for these purposes, and its products are available in Canada through Firing Industries.

Four decades of experience

NDC has spent more than 40 years designing and manufacturing process instruments intended specifically for the food-processing sector, which demands exact measurements of moisture, fat, protein, and levels of brownness in baked or fried products. Its measuring tools are noted for being precise and accurate, enhancing food quality, minimizing waste, increasing productivity, and maintaining brand competitiveness.

Food types for which NDC’s instruments are useful include: breakfast cereals; coffee and tea; confectionery; cookies; crackers; dairy powders; flour and grains; seeds, nuts, spices, and other cooking ingredients; pet food; potato chips and other snacks; starch; and sugar.

Two of NDC’s successful measuring instruments for the food-manufacturing sector are:

  • MM710e On-Line Food Gauge – measures moisture, fat, or protein in only 7.5 milliseconds. Uses precision near-infrared technology that creates single or multi-component, non-contacting measurements. High-resolution data available through a light engine that uses optical components created in NDC’s optics facility.
  • InfraLab Food Analyzer – measures samples of moisture, fat, and protein simultaneously in five to ten seconds. Can measure a larger and more representative sample than other techniques can, with InfraLab Manager software that can be calibrated to specific reference methods. Includes a colour VGA touchscreen, Ethernet and LIMS connectivity, storage of up to 10,000 measurement files, a history audit log, and a database of up to 200 products.

NDC’s instruments benefit from the manufacturer’s deep knowledge of the physical and chemical makeup of foods, of the industry’s standard measurement and control requirements, and of the analytical methods that the sector uses in quality assurance for precise, accurate measurements.

About the company

Based in Irwindale, CA, NDC Technologies designs, develops and manufactures measurement and control instruments for various industries.

To learn more about NDC’s measurement solutions, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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