NDC gauging solutions are perfect for food and tobacco processing

NDC Technologies has enjoyed a longtime association with the food-processing, bulk, and tobacco industries – a relationship that extends to Canada, where Firing Industries makes NDC gauging solutions available to manufacturers. With its extensive experience in creating off-the-shelf key measurements, NDC helps customers test moisture, fat, oil, protein, sugar, nicotine, and degree of browning in a diverse range of process applications. These in-process solutions always deliver outstanding results with high accuracy.

Reliable and unsurpassed measurements

Applications engineering is the focus of everything that NDC does. The company has an installed base of tens of thousands of on-line and at-line gauging solutions in manufacturing facilities all around the world for countless tasks. This unmatched level of experience ensures that NDC can meet whatever specific measurement requirements a food-processing or tobacco business may have.

One of the advantages of investing in NDC equipment is the use of Near-Infrared (NIR) technology. NIR comes in many forms, and NDC specializes in using it to obtain highly accurate, reliable, and unsurpassed measurements. Compatible with virtually any food, bulk-material, converting, or tobacco task, NDC’s broad range of in-process gauging solutions empower every process and quality-control capability.

The NDC team works closely with industry to provide the top on-line and at-line process gauging for all customers. The company’s broad variety of measuring equipment is trusted widely in many sectors, like food processing, chemicals, minerals, building materials, pharmaceuticals, and tobacco, for measuring such key constituents as moisture, fat and oil, protein, nicotine, sugar, and caffeine. NDC even has solutions for the latest reduced-risk products, like heat-not-burn materials.

With this amazing range, NDC has assisted thousands of customers in improving product quality, boosting productivity, increasing process efficiency, and saving money. This happens in many countries, including Canada. Here, Firing Industries can help manufacturers explore how NDC equipment can solve the most common measurement challenges for them.

Whether it is chocolate, meat, dairy powders, coffee, snacks, tobacco leaves, mining products, ceramic tiles, bulk chemicals, or detergent that is being processes, NDC has the perfect measuring solution available.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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