NDC measurement technology helps to make manufacturing operations Industry 4.0-ready

Firing Industries offers great measurement technology solutions from NDC Technologies. A major benefit of NDC products is the valuable role they play in smart manufacturing. Measurement innovation fills a crucial position for quality-conscious businesses on the road to Industry 4.0. In fusing production technology and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), measurement technologies need strong connectivity and the ability to capture quality data more quickly, effectively, and flexibly.


A common Ethernet infrastructure

For today’s smart factory, Industry 4.0 is the framework for increasing process efficiency and realizing bottom-line benefits. This pertains to on-line measurements and to the integration of at-line and off-line gauging technologies. NDC has mastered both kinds of measurement technology.

To be compatible with Industry 4.0, a manufacturer must have production technology that is inter-operable with other systems that speak the same industry protocols over a common Ethernet infrastructure. Smart factories must use advance-prediction tools to systematically process information in a way that enables better decisions. Firing Industries offers NDC smart gauges and sensors that provide industry-standard connectivity through common communication protocols, and built-in web-server support provides mobile connectivity for smart diagnostics and service.

NDC smart gauges help keep workers on wire and cable production lines up to date on the jacketing extrusion process. Integrating NDC gauges into products allows companies to capture measurement data, product data, and variables accurately along critical points of the process for end-to-end inspection. An NDC process controller helps production personnel to visualize dimensional, statistical process control and trend data in real time to maintain tighter product specifications. With closed-loop control with the extrusion line and integration with other networked systems, manufacturers maintain production accuracy, improve quality, and save material substantially.

Process controllers by NDC provide scalable connectivity across the organizational value chain via PLC, SCADA, MES, and ERP systems at the enterprise level. These controllers act as edge devices when connecting to cloud services, while enabling companies to use cloud analytics for data-driven decisions. This boosts agility and competitiveness.

For top smart measurement technology, rely on the NDC name.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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