NDC offers remote support and optimization for its infrared sensors

Firing Industries Ltd. is the great Canadian source of test and measurement solutions by NDC Technologies, including its line of infrared sensors. These instruments are always engineered for top stability, accuracy, robustness, and longevity, with minimal maintenance required. They provide the highest measurement availability while delivering lower lifetime costs of ownership than any other gauging manufacturer offers. To help customers ensure that the performance levels of these products are fully optimized, NDC complements this unsurpassed reliability with its unique remote support and optimization programs.

Eliminating need for onsite visits

Whether the customer is using the new Series 9 gauge or a selection from the 710e series, NDC’s remote support and optimization programs offer maximum availability and measurement performance while lowering costs. The company achieves this while eliminating the need for onsite visits to optimize gauge performance, thus lowering costs significantly.

Among the many services that NDC provides in its remote support and optimization services for its infrared sensors:

  • full diagnostic checks;
  • complete software upgrades;
  • backups of all sensors taken;
  • certification of conformance for supplied audits;
  • calibration checks;
  • remote training;
  • checking of history logs; and
  • fault finding and repairs.

NDC has more than half a century of experience in supplying and supporting infrared sensors for hundreds of applications in many industries. The manufacturer provides a wealth of expertise in service, software, and process optimization. Customers get easy access to this expertise with only a few quick mouse clicks. This remote support is simple, cost-efficient, and a great way to maximize the return on investment. It is a major advantage of trusting in NDC for industrial solutions.

Businesses in food processing can empower true process and quality control with NDC’s new Series 9 gauge, available in Canada through Firing Industries. This device delivers instant value to food production, as a next-generation process-optimization solution for measuring moisture, fat, oil, protein, and other major constituents. Its flexible, future-proof platform brings the productivity and performance that every food and beverage manufacturer needs for present and future challenges, maximizing process performance and KPIs.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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