NDC PrediktIR sensor offers accurate measurement for the biofuel industry

NDC Technologies’ groundbreaking solutions for moisture measurement assist Canadian businesses with the help of Firing Industries. Now, the biofuel industry gets a boost with the new PrediktIR infrared sensor. This moisture measurement solution is the biofuel sector’s answer to basic, yet accurate and reliable, gauging for woodchips, pellets, sawdust, and other wood-sourced biofuel products. The PrediktIR meets the demands of biofuel processors that need dependable, stable on-line measurement.

Proven optical filter technology

Although biofuel moisture gauges have been available at low costs for years, some have been inadequate in terms of accuracy, stability, and maintenance when process control or simple monitoring is important. NDC has developed the PrediktIR moisture measurement solution in response to these marketplace concerns, to give superior quality and results.

The PrediktIR is based on NDC’s proven optical filter technology. It delivers constant biofuel moisture-content information in real time, which allows users to adjust the airflow to the furnace to optimize combustion and automatically control the drying process, with no need to wait for lab-sample results. A major advantage is long-term instrument stability and basic, accurate measurements that are independent of changes in ambient conditions like lighting, temperature, and humidity. The PrediktIR also provides tolerance to physical process changes like pass height.

Other key benefits that this moisture measurement solution offers to biofuel processors:

  • Higher product quality and consistency;
  • Less waste and scrap;
  • Quicker start-up and product change times; and
  • Fast return on investment.

Firing Industries offers PrediktIR in two configurations – single-gauge with operator interface, or dual-gauge with both devices connected into a single interface. Relevant applications include single-point measurements, like after dryers or conditioners. In dual-gauge applications, the user can take measurements before and after a drying or conditioning process to monitor moisture content closely. Operators can install the PrediktIR easily in most processes, such as above a conveyor belt or where a product is transported in enclosed ducts with NDC’s proprietary PowderVision probe. An air-purge window is available to keep optics free of dust and other volatile contaminants.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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