NDC solution helps machinery manufacturer gain a competitive advantage

Firing Industries brings many great measurement and control solutions by NDC Technologies to many Canadian businesses. NDC’s stature is backed up by a history of success stories. One happy customer is Colines S.P.A., a world leader in the manufacture of extrusion machinery used for producing stretch, cast, and barrier layer films. Using an NDC industrial scanner with a process controller and infrared gauge, Colines maintains its competitive advantage.

Better quality and higher productivity

Colines improves its product quality, boosts its productivity, and realizes substantial production savings with NDC measurement solutions. The NDC team has been working closely with the company for five years, recommending the right solutions for specific applications. A key piece of NDC equipment at the Colines facility is the MiniTrak O-Frame scanner. This industrial scanner is installed in every one of the customer’s production lines.

Each O-Frame industrial scanner has a Pro.Net TDi process controller and a FilmPro infrared gauge. The Colines crew uses these machines to measure the total and individual layer thickness values at the chill roll. Using this compact, robust, intelligent scanning frame, Colines gets quick, reliable measurement performance that is tightly integrated into an intelligent, distributed web-gauging architecture.

Workers can use this frame with gauges that measure through the product, like Near Infrared, X-Ray, Beta, and laser thickness. Other advantages of this device from Firing Industries:

  • Space-saving design. The small footprint allows fits into restricted positions.
  • Intelligent scanner. The iFrame module manages the scanner, sensor, and control operations for high system integrity.
  • Expansive gauge support. Users can combine and configure the O-Frame with any NDC sensor.
  • High-performance construction. With a design based on an identical box-beam construction for high rigidity and measurement performance.
  • Minimal maintenance. Modular parts are replaced easily, minimizing downtime.
  • Long service life. Linear bearing system and precision rails offers long life.
  • Low ownership cost. Long-lasting, trouble-free operation.

For a glimpse of how Colines uses the MiniTrak O-Frame, watch this video:

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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