NDC Technologies’ great moisture-measurement solutions are available from Firing Industries

Firing Industries supplies the best complex industrial process equipment on the market today, including moisture measurement solutions by NDC Technologies, one of many renowned manufacturers that partners with this distributor. These solutions include NDC’s lines of CM710e moisture gauges and InfraLab moisture analyzers, both of which are valuable assets to such sectors as food processing and tobacco manufacturing.

NDC works closely with these industries to develop moisture measurement solutions and moisture-control systems for a variety of processes. These products are designed to enable real-time process control of minerals and bulk material.

A significant return on investment

Industrial processing involves using up large amounts of power to remove moisture and keep products dry according to specific set levels. This is because water content is often essential to process performance. If real-time moisture levels are not accurate, users risk over-drying materials to prevent downstream issues.

Firing Industries provides a wide array of NDC on-line or at-line moisture measurement solutions, from Alumina to Zeolite, for a variety of industrial gauging applications. Some of the relevant industries include bio-fuels, brick making, ceramics, engineered wood, explosives, fibres and polymers, minerals, mining, pre-cast concrete, and sinter mix. Whatever kind of bulk materials is being processed, NDC can help.

Among the many advantages of using NDC equipment for gauging moisture:

  • Optimization of drying processes;
  • Increases in productivity;
  • Ability to monitor and control quality in products;
  • Reduction of fossil-fuel consumption; and
  • Reduction of emissions.

Another notable benefit from using NDC solutions is a quick return on investment. NDC engineers every one of its instruments for a specific application and moisture range, since every moisture-control application has different challenges and needs. NDC reduces startup expenses and commissioning efforts by creating long-lasting, stable, and robust equipment that suits the user’s specific purpose.

NDC offers more information about its moisture-control instruments in a free, ten-page online brochure that details the features and benefits of these products. Trust these industrial moisture gauges for reliable, repeatable measurement and moisture control for years of first-rate operation.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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