NDC Technologies offers processing solutions for a variety of industries

For a wide range of process measurement an control instrumentation, businesses know they can rely on the name NDC Technologies. Available in Canada through Firing Industries, the company’s products measure important characteristics of goods to maximize their quality. NDC is so versatile that it can manufacture instruments for applications in a variety of industries – from food analyzers to metal measurement solutions.

Four distinct business units

NDC’s reach across the industrial landscape is not limited to the North American market. The company owns manufacturing facilities in Dayton, OH, Middletown, CT, and Maldon, England, as well as centres of excellence in Irwindale, CA and Loncin, Belgium. With direct sales and support facilities throughout Europe and Asia, plus a highly trained network of sales and service distribution channels in more than 60 countries, NDC ensure that its measurement and control instrumentation helps customers everywhere.

In all these international markets, NDC’s selection of measurement and control instrumentation serves four distinct business units:

  • Film extrusion and converting. NDC offers basis-weight, thickness, coat-weight, and moisture measurement systems for a diverse range of applications in the film, extrusion, and converting sectors. Also available are solutions for customers in non-wovens and calendering.
  • Food, bulk, and tobacco. For food processing and tobacco, NDC supplies on-line and at-line process analyzers that measure key constituents like moisture, fat, oil, and protein. The company’s wide spectrum of measurement equipment is common in food, chemicals, minerals, building-material, pharmaceutical, and tobacco businesses.
  • Cable and tubing. Wire, cable, pipe, and tube companies benefit from NDC’s wide portfolio of on-line and at-line measurement and control solutions for dimensional monitoring of diameter, ovality, wall thickness, eccentricity, length and speed, and other parameters.
  • Metals. NDC provides advanced solutions for the steel and aluminum industries to measure the coatings applied to metal surfaces and the non-contact length and speed of products at critical points in the manufacturing process.

With the help of Firing Industries, Canadian companies in these sectors and beyond can take full advantage of NDC’s unmatched ranged of solutions.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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