NDC Technologies solutions help users improve baking and frying control

Firing Industries’ wide inventory of industrial processing solutions includes measurement devices by NDC Technologies, widely used by the food-processing and tobacco industries. NDC’s innovative MM710e and InfraLab food analyzers are trusted for their high-accuracy measuring abilities for moisture and oil. Yet another key benefit of these devices is how they boost baking control, especially for crackers, cookies, and other savoury snack foods. This is an essential need in the food sector.

Better taste, texture, and appearance

Snack manufacturers determine the success and quality of their products by testing them for moisture, colour, and oil during production, in order to achieve repeatable product consistency and freshness. Multiple analytical technologies are necessary to accomplish this. NDC meets these needs and also integrates its own proved Degree of Bake or Brownness (DOB) measurement tool into its MM710e and InfraLab food analyzers. This way, users can conduct measurements of moisture, oil, and DOB all at the same time.

Using high-speed gating sensors, this DOB tool suits a variety of food-processing applications. It adds improved baking control to the production of biscuits and cookies, for example, and it boosts frying control for goods like potato chips and similar snacks.

NDC’s approach to measuring DOB closely imitates the response of the human eye to changes in brownness. This is an important factor, since the proper DOB is a highly subjective concept and depends on the process operator’s perception of the optimal degree. With NDC food analyzers, manufacturers can standardize the product colour, so that all operators bake or fry products at the exact same level.

Both available from Firing Industries, the MM710e and InfraLab devices give users real-time on-line and at-line measurements with no special skills required. They provide processing far beyond conventional test and measurement, with a unique level of feedback to the process controller for better control of moisture, control, and DOB. Businesses get many financial benefits: reduced start-up times and scrap; more consistent products within specifications, with minimal checking and no overbaking or under-baking; higher operating efficiency; and acrylamide mitigation.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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