NDC Technologies has updated its Vision, Purpose, and Values statements

precision measurement solutions

Customers have trusted NDC for more than 50 years.

Firing Industries partners with world-renowned manufacturers to bring the best processing equipment to the Canadian industrial market, including precision measurement solutions by NDC Technologies. For more than half a century, businesses have trusted NDC products, creating a rich heritage as a leading provider in this area.

To get ready for more success, NDC recently announced new Vision, Purpose, and Values statements that will guide its organizational culture from now on.

Entering the next chapter

NDC’s status as an international leader in precision measurement solutions reflects the longevity and sustainability of the value it has always delivered. As it enters the next chapter of its story, it will live by new mission statements that will instill an unwavering dedication to serving customers more effectively, while continuing to care for its team and the community. These new statements go as follows:

  • Our Vision: Intelligence that transforms the world.
  • Our Purpose: We solve complex problems for producers around the world using analytics and intelligent measurement and control technologies in a scalable and sustainable manner. We are a culture committed to delivering the one thing our customers desire most – peace of mind.
  • Our Values: Be true; Own it; Aim high.

The NDC team believes in absolute integrity. This is how the company’s employees succeed for stakeholders, the environment, and each other. Being true means doing things in the right way, speaking up when something is not right, and showing care and respect for everybody. And NDC owns its actions through teamwork and keeping promises – which is how it builds brands and businesses. NDC is decisive and takes responsibility, while prizing diversity and playing to everybody’s strengths. It also puts customers at the heart of its business. Finally, NDC aims high: it performs at its best and succeeds by being bold and positive. The company constantly strives to improve, keeps an open mind towards new ideas, and helps everybody succeed.

By making its precision measurement solutions available through Firing Industries, NDC brings these high values to the Canadian market.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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