How NDC’s InfraLab moisture analyzer benefits users in food processing

NDC Technologies manufactures some of the world’s most powerful and innovative process instrumentation, which is available in Canada through Firing Industries. Among NDC’s products are devices that measure moisture, fat, and other characteristics in food items – like the unique InfraLab Industrial Analyzer. This is an at-line moisture analyzer renowned for measuring moisture quickly and accurately in a broad range of products made of industrial bulk powders, flakes, or granules.

Intuitive and easy to use

A proven performer in manufacturing facilities all around the world, the NDC InfraLab moisture analyzer works by using multi-wavelength near-infrared reflection, which means that it does not require any contact with the product sample. The user merely presents items to be analyzed in the sample bowl, and the InfraLab automatically recognizes their presence and begins the measurement process. It takes only five seconds for the InfraLab to display measurements clearly on the screen.

Among the many benefits that this moisture analyzer provides to users:

  • Enhancement of product quality and consistency, through more representative process sampling;
  • Ease of use, because the InfraLab is intuitive and needs no special skills to operate;
  • More testing in less time, with analysis results in fewer than ten seconds, resulting in significant savings via cost reduction from routine sampling;
  • Environmental robustness, with measurements unaffected by product and ambient changes like temperature, relative humidity, and factory lighting; and
  • Versatility, with single- or multi-component measurement configurations available.

Firing Industries recommends the InfraLab Industrial Analyzer as a substitute for traditional laboratory methods of moisture measurement. Its speed, user-friendliness, robustness, and repeatability have made it an extremely popular choice – as have its convenient features: a user-configurable, multilingual interface; pass-code protection with configurable user-access levels; a choice of sample dishes, like deep or shallow rotating or static petri dish; Ethernet and LIMS connectivity; on-board storage of 10,000 sample files; and quick download to USB memory sticks.

With the InfraLab at-line analyzer, NDC helps food-processing companies hold on to a competitive advantage in their field through accurate measurement.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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