NDC’s near-infrared gauges are great measuring tools for food processing

NDC Technologies is a top manufacturer of equipment for food processing, including measuring instruments. These tools, which are available in Canada from Firing Industries, assist users in the vital tasks of gauging specific quantities of protein, fat, moisture, and other substances.

Among the most powerful of these instruments is NDC’s line of precision on-line near-infrared (NIR) gauges, which provide real-time measurements of many important parameters for quality in food production.

Improved process yield and efficiency

NDC’s on-line NIR gauges are commonly employed in continuous food-manufacturing processes for measuring the content of moisture, fat, oil, protein, nicotine or sugar; they are also useful for measuring coating thickness and coat weight.

What makes these NIR instruments unique is the ability to measure these constituents in real time. This provides deeper process insight as it provides outputs in digital or analog signal format for connection to a process control tool such as a PLC or SCADA; this allows for closed-loop automated control of drying and similar processes.

On-line analysis benefits users in several ways. It enables monitoring and control in product quality, improves process yield and efficiency, and reduces fossil-fuel consumption with drying or baking operations that work more efficiently.

NDC manufactures several variations of these gauges for different types of products in its Series 710e line. For the food sector, NDC recommends the MM710e Food Industry Gauge, which measures food moisture and can also serve as a multi-component food gauge for measuring moisture, fat, and protein. It also has the option of measuring surface brownness on baked or fried products. In addition, the MM710e Snacks Gauge is specifically designed for measuring moisture, fat, and oil in snack products.

Also useful for food processing is the CM710e Moisture Gauge, built for applications involving bulk materials. Used in a variety of sectors, the CM710e can measure the moisture content of powders and aggregates, flakes, granules, slurries and pastes.

To learn more about NDC’s measurement solutions, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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