NDC’s powerful process instrumentation is available from Firing Industries

process instrumentation

Innovative process solutions come from NDC.

Firing Industries partners with great manufacturers to bring the finest process instrumentation to Canadian businesses – including NDC Technologies. NDC is a leading global provider of productivity-enhancing instruments and controls. Using Infrared, laser, X-ray, optical, and other technologies, the company shapes today’s industrial landscape, keeping it at the technological forefront.

With a focus on customer application and consultation to provide the right solution without compromise, NDC promises the top measurement accuracy every time.

Dominant role in several industries

Every piece of process instrumentation produced by NDC has unique software supported by many of the top applications specialists around the world. By assembling high industry knowledge, advanced production experience, and true business expertise, the manufacturer has the tools it needs to create the best possible solutions for customers.

NDC plays a dominant role in the processing needs of the following major industries:

  • Food processing, bulk, and tobacco. Firing Industries supplies on-line and at-line process analyzers by NDC, for measuring key constituents like moisture, fat, oil, and protein. This wide range of process instrumentation are used for food, chemicals, minerals, building materials, pharmaceuticals, and tobacco.
  • Metals. NDC produces advanced solutions for the steel and aluminum sectors. Applications include measurement of coatings applied to metal surfaces and of the non-contact length and speed of products at critical points in the manufacturing process.
  • Film extrusion and converting. Basic weight, thickness, coat-weight, and moisture-measurement and control systems for a wide spectrum of applications in this industry. NDC also offers solutions for customers in nonwovens and calendering.
  • Cable and tubing. NDC provides a large portfolio of online and offline measurement and control solutions for the dimensional monitoring of diameter, ovality, wall thickness, eccentricity, length, speed, and other parameters for this sector. 

A major advantage of NDC products is the high quality standards. The company faithfully complies with all of the requirements of its ISO 9001:2015-certified quality-management system. Through constant improvement of products and process and motivated staff, NDC commits itself to superior products and services and high customer satisfaction.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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