New food gauge by NDC boosts productivity with simple operation

food gauge

The NDC Series 9 gauge

Firing Industries Ltd. carries the latest food measurement solution by NDC Technologies: the Series 9 food gauge, the next generation in empowering true process and quality control. This advanced in-process measurement and control gauge is built to meet all challenges that food, industrial-material, and tobacco manufacturers face today and in the future.

Delivering immediate value to food production, this new NDC gauge is the ideal process-optimization solutions for measuring moisture, fat, oil, protein, and other key constituents.

Future-proofing the manufacturing process

As consumer needs evolve, the manufacturing processes for the products they choose must adapt. This can mean changed recipes, new ingredients, or the implementations of restrictions by governing bodies. This is why manufacturers have to future-proof their production processes with intelligence, insightful quality assurance. Firing Industries offers the Series 9 food gauge for this reason.

This innovative food gauge allows users to do the following:

  • Benefit from a future-proof platform. Series 9 maximizes process performance by delivering high productivity that users need now and for upcoming challenges.
  • Perform single- or multi-component measurement. Users confidently measure key constituents across a broad variety of foods, like coffee, confectionery, cookies, dairy powder, snacks, and starch.
  • Optimize process and product quality. By blending stable, accurate measurement with unmatched performance, Series 9 maximizes user ability to operate processes at peak efficiency and deliver the highest-quality products.
  • Boost productivity with simple operation. Series 9 has a user-friendly format that needs no special operator skills or knowledge, while expert users can yield high benefits from enhances interaction capabilities.
  • Scale the device to meet facility needs. With the flexible building-block architecture, coupled with intuitive functionality, advanced process connectivity, and adaptable integration, users can scale NDC’s gauging system to comply with present and future workplace requirements.
  • Realize the lowest cost of ownership. Businesses can realize both immediate and long-term value over the lifetime of operation for Series 9, due to its innovative intelligence and easy operation and maintenance.

Series 9 is the future of constituent measurement in food and tobacco. Check out this video for a closer look:

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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