New grinding mill by Union Process will offer higher flexibility

Firing Industries is proud to serve businesses as the Canadian distributor of Union Process equipment, including the manufacturer’s innovative grinding attritors. Known worldwide for its particle size-reduction and dispersing devices for a variety of research and industrial applications, Union Process always pushes itself to develop better products.

Now, Union Process has added a new member to its family of grinding attritors for its in-house pilot plant: the S-10/15 attritor.

Accommodating two sizes of tanks

Offering higher flexibility to the pilot plant, this new attritor is distinguished by a unique frame that accommodates two sizes of tanks – giving users the opportunity to switch between S-10 and S-15 attritor tank assemblies quickly and easily. The tanks are built out of stainless steel, and the mill has an explosion-proof motor and a remotely mounted variable-frequency (inverter) drive. The S-10/15 attritor also has stop/start pushbuttons with a potentiometer for easy speed control. Another key benefit for users is the ability to configure the device for wet, dry, or inert atmospheres or for cryogenic milling.

The Union Process “S” series of grinding attritors is a group of batch-type production mills. These are versatile and easy-to-maintain devices that companies in a variety of industries have used successfully to grind materials ranging from chocolate to tungsten carbide. A major advantage of these mills is that they allow users to inspect the material at any time during the grinding cycle, accomplishing adjustments or formulation additions without stopping the machines. In addition to the S-10 and S-15, Union Process has previously made seven other sizes of attritors in this series.

Union Process has been building custom attritors for customers since 1946. These machines are recommended for long-term, heavy-duty, semi-automated, and fully automated production, and companies can also use them in conjunction with programmable controllers in very sophisticated environments. By upgrading its pilot-plant grinding mills, Union Process adds versatility and increases its overall capacity – improving its ability to serve customers.

About the distributor

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