New Hosokawa Micron food analyzer measures moisture in food accurately

Firing Industries supplies world-class processing equipment by Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems, which develops innovative products at its Technical Center. In December, the Center expanded its extensive selection of equipment for material trials and measurement with the InfraLab e-series food analyzer, a bold new solution for the food-processing sector.


This Hosokawa Micron food analyzer is the top choice for quick, accurate measurement of moisture, fat, and protein content in a wide range of food products.

No sample contact required

What distinguishes the InfraLab e-series is its multi-wavelength near-infrared reflection, which allows it to operate without having to make contact with the product sample. The user simply places the sample dish on a turntable, and the device automatically senses the presence of the item and starts the measurement and analysis.

Hosokawa Micron has designed this food analyzer as a substitute for routine gravimetric or wet chemical moisture, fat, and protein content-analysis methods, depending on the application. The device is perfect for businesses required to process multiple product samples every day. It is also a boon to the Technical Center, as Hosokawa Micron used to have to send samples to product companies to analyze fat, protein, and moisture content – a routine that was expensive and time-consuming, taking time away from testing new equipment.

With the InfraLab e-series in-house, Hosokawa Micron can now benefit from laboratory accuracy with lower costs, less time, and fewer chemicals. The device improves product quality and consistency by making process sampling more representative. By reducing the expenses of routine sample testing with its quick analysis, the InfraLab e-series analyzer also delivers a substantial level of savings for users.

Firing Industries offers a wide range of great process equipment by Hosokawa Micron, a global leader in milling and analyzing devices. From particle-size reduction to product content measurement, for industries ranging from food processing and chemicals to pharmaceuticals, minerals, cosmetics, and plastics, Hosokawa Micron has a plethora of top workplace solutions.

About the distributor

Firing Industries has been a major Canadian distributor of industrial processing equipment since 1973.

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