New piab heavy-duty vacuum conveyor handles food and chemicals

piab is a respected manufacturer in the food-processing industry and other markets, particularly for its piFLOW® vacuum conveyors – available in Canada via Firing Industries. Now, piab has taken this innovation a step further with the new piFLOW®fc mid-range heavy-duty vacuum conveyor. This device can handle many confectionary products, including chocolates, cookies, and potato chips, but also coffee, plus chemicals that do not require the use of full acid-resistant stainless steel.

No exposure to hazardous materials

This premium heavy-duty vacuum conveyor by piab is also perfect for customers who manufacture confectionary, baking goods, tea, pet food, nutraceuticals, detergents, and batteries. Powerful enough to handle a wide range of materials, the piFLOW®fc uses the same design as piab’s premium-range piFLOW®p and piFLOW®t conveyors, but with electro-polished 304 stainless steel instead of the acid-resistant grade, or 316.

As all piab vacuum conveyors are, the piFLOW®fc is a fully contained device that allows the transportation of toxic and allergenic powders with no risk of exposure of equipment operators or the surrounding work environment to hazardous materials. It is available in a wide capacity range from three to 33 litres per conveying cycle, or up to eight tons per hour – resulting in high throughput with a minimal footprint.

Another key advantage of this new heavy-duty vacuum conveyor is piab’s own unique COAX® technology, which is a feature throughout the whole piFLOW® conveyor lineup. This innovation ensures that the device creates vacuum in the most energy-saving and cost-efficient way possible, and it is used only when the pump is running. The piFLOW®fc is easy to clean and needs little maintenance due to its automatic filter cleaning and overall hygienic design. It meets the strict contact requirements set out by the United States Food and Drug Administration, as well as EC No 1935/2004 and EC No 10/2011.

Watch the video below for a look at the piFLOW® brand and COAX® technology:

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