New piab website reflects needs of customers and exploring users


piab makes its innovative processing solutions available to Canadian businesses through Firing Industries Ltd. On March 1, the manufacturer launched an upgraded, customer-centric website – with an improved visual identity and user experience. The piab website attracts more than 650,000 users per year, and this new version is based on suggestions from interviews with customers and colleagues around the world. The updated focuses on both existing clients and exploring users.

A fresh user experience

The company’s new site adds a fresh user experience that is consistent with piab’s changing visual identity and core purpose, to evolve automation. piab’s fast growth journey is highlighted in the new Career pages, intended to attract and inform job seekers; visitors can subscribe to recent job openings, with an easy application process for those with LinkedIn accounts.

The new represents the products and services that the manufacturer markets and sells. The company has made it well-structured, easy to navigate, and data-driven to be attractive to both existing customers and new visitors. The site is the hub of every digital interaction piab has with customers, so it now incorporates calls to action, integrates social-media activities, and attracts new talent.

Among the upgrades: the top navigation and site structure are more user-centric. With a few main navigational elements, the top menu offers a straightforward hierarchy and reduces the time it takes to scan the options. The mega-menu presents a better overview of all the products with quicker access to their pages; experienced users can go deeper down in the structure with less clicking.

The start page has quick links that accelerate access to product configurators and CAD files for experienced users. Exploring users can use the third fast link, “Help me choose,” to get suggested products for their individual needs. The Industries section offers success stories, videos, and other marketing assets, as well as suggested products for specific applications.

As industry and technology evolves, so must the way piab markets itself online. Trust Firing Industries to supply the piab solutions you need.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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