Optical gauging system by NDC offers reliable and accurate measurement

Among the processing devices that Firing Industries supplies are NDC Technologies’ optical gauging systems. This equipment from NDC’s infrared engineering department offers the most accurate, reliable measurement of distance, width, speed, thickness, and flatness in rolled aluminum, steel, and non-ferrous products. This group includes the innovative W200 Optical Width Gauge.

One of the optical gauging systems that NDC manufactures for the metals industries, the W200 is built for roughing, finishing, and coiler locations on HSM and steckel mills, as well as cold or hot plate mills and levellers.

Accurate in extreme rolling conditions

NDC optical gauging systems use laser telemetry to offer online, non-contact measurement, and they provide application packages for product analysis and systems interface. These devices also include robust sensor boxes designed for every specific application, and they have a mechanical and electrical design that ensures the highest possible level of performance.

Designed to offer highly accurate measurement even in extreme rolling conditions, the W200 Optical Width Gauge from Firing Industries measures mill product width with a combination of cameras, laser line projectors, and laser point sources. The W200 comes in several variations for different applications: the W200-R, W200-FL, and W200-BL are recommended for width roughing, finishing, and coiler locations on HSM and steckel mills, offering width measurement of up to 2.2 metres from top to bottom; and the W200P-R and W200-P-FL are suitable gauges for cold or hot plate mills, levellers, and process applications, providing width measurement of up to five metres from top to bottom.

An additional option available for the W200 is the CSO-T Crop Shear Optimization package, which accurately measures and optimizes head and tail shear points when used with NDC’s Laser Speed Measurement. Based on contour recognition and shear set-point optimization, the CSO-T computes optimal shear cut-points and sends them to a shear controller. The laser function tracks the product as it approaches the shear, enabling the latter to coordinate with the measurement, and a graphical interface displays the head and tail shapes and cut set points from the gauge.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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