Particulate measuring devices by Auburn FilterSense offer high accuracy

Firing Industries Ltd. is renowned in Canadian industry for its broad lineup of processing solutions, but its portfolio also includes particulate measuring devices. These instruments come from Auburn FilterSense, which relies on more than three decades of experience in the international foundry market, recognizing the demanding conditions in foundries.

With its PM series of particulate measurement tools, Auburn FilterSense ensures reliable monitoring, which helps foundries adhere to social and environmental responsibility.

Industry-leading accuracy and detection

The manufacturer has tailored these particulate measuring devices for applications that require hot, dusty, aggressive, and explosive protection, while imbuing them with industry-leading accuracy and measurement-level detection capabilities. This way, the PM series helps to identify emissions before they happen, giving information in real time. Auburn FilterSense’s own remote Industry 4.0 service solution, Filter-INSIGHT, offers unifying display and alarm capabilities and cutting-edge reporting functions that decrease administrative time requirements.

Customers often report that the PM series helps them to lower maintenance time with automatic EPA self-checks, which also allow worry-free permit compliance, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Auburn FilterSense designs these particulate measuring devices to comply with a wide range of process and regulatory requirements, and they all use DynaCHARGE technology – the most dependable particulate-sensing technique available today.

The PM series is built to help companies meet their environmental and air-permit requirements without sacrificing productivity or profit. Firing Industries particularly recommends these devices for foundries located in urban areas, for which it is important to avoid excursion events for the sake of the local community. These workplaces need to put strong consideration into the kind of dust-monitoring technology that they use, as well as the suppliers, to minimize their environmental footprints.

The options available:

  • PM 100. Multi-point, multi-function monitors. Single- and multi-channel configurations and advanced leak detection, with comprehensive alarms for preventive diagnostics.
  • PM 1. Single-point, single-function monitors with reliable flow indication and leak detection.

With the PM series, foundries remain in operation longer and be good neighbours in their communities by complying with environmental protection requirements.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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