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For the many industries it serves, Firing Industries takes a personal approach to finding the right equipment for each customer. The company works with an array of suppliers such as North Star Engineered Products, Union Process, Hosokawa Mikro, and Matcon, to name a few. Products such as centrifuges, modular tubing systems, and mechanical conveyors are just some of the team’s offerings (see link above – article listed on page 20-23).

Holding long-standing relationships with its suppliers is one way that shows how the company takes its work and relationships with those it does business very seriously. Over its forty-five-year history, Firing Industries has established client relationships with Canadian companies in many industries.

These include companies in food, chemical and pharmaceutical, mining and other processing industries. As the company sees itself as a collection of problem solvers, relationships become about more than just a client requesting material; hands-on contact is followed by assessing the details of a client’s specific problems or needs and then seeing what the best solution will be. Emphasis on face-to-face interaction sets Firing Industries apart in a digital world.

As the company helps its clients approach the problems at hand it can design, recommend and arrange installation of the systems required. Firing Industries has become the top distributor of processing equipment in the Canadian market, with an emphasis primarily on machinery for the processing of dry bulk material.

Just recently the company has hired two new application specialists, and it is setting up a new in-house engineering department to help streamline the process through which it serves its clients. With this in-house engineering team on the horizon, clients will be served faster, with the prioritized attention they can expect from Firing Industries.

As the future of Firing Industries appears bright as ever, whether a business is in farming, tobacco, cement, metalwork, pharmaceuticals, or any of the endless list of markets served by Firing Industries it is certain to find not only the perfect, high-quality solutions but a team of individuals focused on its continued success

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