Pharmaceutical companies use piab conveying solutions for many tasks

piab is renowned for its vacuum conveying solutions, which are available in Canada via Firing Industries. Many industries benefit from piab products, including the pharmaceutical sector. These vacuum conveyors satisfy users at every stage of production, from powder and tablets to capsules and even end-user products.

The pharmaceutical industry has high quality demands and strong regulations, but piab solutions meet the needs of every operation.

From vacuum packaging to labelling

Pharmaceutical manufacturing involves production of preparations, antibiotics, vitamins, and hormone preparations in ampules, tablets, capsules, pills, and suppositories. Other products include ointments, emulsions, aerosols, and plasters. This production comes with high standards for chemical purity and sterility, and they must comply with global and local regulations, as well as the standards of the GMP and the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Vacuum conveying solutions by piab meet these strict criteria. Firing Industries can supply equipment for these pharmaceutical applications:

  • Bag filling with powder and granules. This requires vacuum conveying solutions that are hygienic, safe, and able to prevent damage.
  • Bag opening. Vacuum and suction caps can pick and open paper and plastic bags.
  • Blisters. Thermoformed blisters or skins protect products and present them attractively.
  • Cartons. Carton erectors can build cartons and containers from flexible paper board.
  • Cases and trays. Case erectors make boxes from corrugated material.
  • Feeding mills, sieves, and blenders. Feeding equipment with powder, granules, or tablets requires hygienic, safe solutions that prevent product damage.
  • Handling flexible packages. Popular variations include stand-up pouches, bags, sachets, and envelopes.
  • Labelling. Vacuum conveyance assists with tamp-on and blow-on labelling methods.
  • Palletizing and depalletizing. piab offers numerous products for these tasks.
  • Powder and bulk transfer. Transferring powder and bulk requires safe, hygienic solutions.
  • Vacuum packaging. To extend their shelf life, food items like meat, poultry, coffee, and produce are often packaged under vacuum.

To get a better idea of piab’s role in the pharmaceutical sector, watch the video below:


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