piab vacuum-conveying technology is ideal for additive manufacturing

For unsurpassed vacuum-conveying technology, manufacturers everywhere count on piab – especially the piFLOW®p series of conveyors, which is available in Canada through Firing Industries. piab has extensive experience in material handling in the food-processing, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors. The company also recommends its piFLOW®p models highly for applications in additive manufacturing.

piab piFLOW®p vacuum conveyors are ideal for such additive applications as safe handling of hazardous materials and easy transfer of material to and from printers.

Transfer with speed, reliability

Vacuum-conveying technology by piab is also perfect for filling a printer with metal powder, cleaning or reclaiming excess material from printers after production, or emptying or filling metal powders to and from adjacent equipment like a sieve or powder container. The piFLOW®p can handle high-density material and transfer it quickly and reliably.

Another advantage of the piFLOW®p series is its enclosed system, which boosts user safety with protection from contact with hazardous material. It also protects sensitive and often reactive powder from contact with unwanted matter. Although powder handling is typically a manual process, vacuum-conveying technology automates it. The piFLOW®p also enables easy material changeovers, and it is simple to clean and maintain.

The piFLOW®p series is a great option for additive manufacturing because of its ATEX certification, and because it comes with a broad range of accessories and possible configurations to meet the requirements of this unique sector. piab recommends two specific configurations on a three-litre piFLOW®p device for use in this industry: a 200 pump, PLR02 filter, and 32-millimetre conveying line; or a 400 pump, PLR04 filter, and 32- or 38-millimetre conveying line. Among the accessories recommended are a feed nozzle, a feed adapter, and a module to fit the receiver.

The piab portfolio also includes solutions for inert gas applications, compact conveyors, and other suitable accessories for its existing products. Firing Industries is the supplier to trust for all of the piab solutions one could need to make processing applications – including those in additive manufacturing – as quick, efficient, and profitable as possible.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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