piab vacuum-conveyor solutions limit waste while they boost productivity

One kind of processing equipment that Firing Industries provides for Canadian businesses is piab’s line of vacuum-conveyor solutions. A key advantage of investing in a piab vacuum conveyor is minimization of material waste. These devices are ideal for any manufacturer that wants to limit the amount of waste while maximizing productivity.

Due to the problem of material waste, reclaim procedures are being implemented in industrial operations more often. piab is doing its bit with vacuum conveyors built specifically for applications in the food-processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical sectors.

Reduce risk for processing staff

For all manufacturers, waste is an significant issue, often caused by flawed packaging processes, excessive amounts of expensive ingredients getting fed into tableting machines, or detergent enzymes or chemicals escaping from manufacturing vessels. Material or product loss obviously has wide environmental implications, and it also results in financial loss for the business. It can also compromise the safety of processing staff in the working environment. piab designs its vacuum-conveyor solutions to reduce these risks.

Other notable benefits of these vacuum conveyors from Firing Industries:

  • hygienic design that enables easy cleaning, boosting uptime;
  • a closed system with no dust contamination;
  • higher throughput and minimal scrap, as the conveyors are designed specifically for fragile materials;
  • compact size, most convenient in scenarios with limited space;
  • ability to convey up to 14 tons per hour and 30 metres;
  • ability to convey particles from ½ a micron and up;
  • flexibility in vacuum source; each device is equally potent with an ejector pump or with a mechanical pump; and
  • a safe working environment, since each conveyor complies with the strict industry standards of ATEX Dust and Gas.

piab has more than half a century of experience in making vacuum-conveyor solutions for moving powder and granules. These devices are available with all material in contact with the conveyed product in compliance with the United States Food and Drug Administration and other international quality and hygiene standards. Count on piab for top material-handling solutions for food and more.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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