Piab vacuum conveyors are ideal for food processing

As an innovator in vacuum technology, Piab manufactures industry conveyors that provide quick, easy and reliable solutions for product movement. Piab’s vacuum-conveyor products, which are available in Canada through Firing Industries, are an especially smart choice for manufacturers in the food-processing industry.

Why choose vacuum conveying?

Vacuum technology offers the height of efficiency and convenience when it comes to moving food products on conveyors, with minimum waste and maximum productivity. With Piab vacuum conveyors, food manufacturers are better able to reclaim goods that might be rejected due to waste or loss.

Other benefits of using Piab vacuum conveyors:

  • Elimination of contamination. Vacuum conveyors are closed systems that prevent foreign material from getting mixed in with products. This also stops food scraps from falling over the sides.
  • Dust-free working environment. The closed system also keeps dust and other air contaminants out.
  • Reduced floor space. Since the tubing generally works vertically from the point of suction, vacuum conveyors take up less floor space and frees up more area for other work activities, as opposed to traditional horizontal conveyors.

This is why Piab conveyors are used by food-manufacturing companies around the world, processing products as varied as baking goods, confectionery, candy, instant foods, additives, and coffee.

Another reason why food manufacturers trust Piab’s vacuum conveyors is because they meet strict international standards for food-processing equipment. Piab makes sure its conveyors are always certified according to FDA and EU 1935/2004 and that they live up to current Good Manufacturing Practice, or cGMP. Conveying equipment also requires ATEX certification for certain products, such as sugar.

Piab conveyors meet the demands of the global food sector with minimal required maintenance, low noise, safe and straightforward operation and a five-year warranty. All of these benefits and more help Piab maintain its high international reputation.

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