piab’s new Batch Volume Optimization series: ideal for bulk solids


Firing Industries Ltd. carries the full line of piab piFLOW® vacuum conveyors. The latest innovation is the Batch Volume Optimization (BVO) series, developed to handle bulk solids with a broader adaptation of automation. This leads to higher productivity levels in manufacturing operations, particularly in food processing, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

Because vacuum conveying solutions for powder, granules, and small particles should be efficient, sustainable, and easy to adapt, piab has created the BVO series to evolve manufacturing workplaces.

Better product hygiene, worker safety

The automation level in these sectors is quickly evolving as new solutions are adapted globally. The advantages of automation, like better product hygiene and worker safety, are increasing this acceptance. Manufacturers are reevaluating their processes due to heightened customer expectations and legislative regulations, but some are still not investing in automation; many facilities have separate automation silos with process steps that are not fully connected.

A common concern is that some organizations do not accept new technologies, because of a high fluctuation rate and the scarcity of skilled, competent operators or technicians. So all new equipment must be extremely user-friendly, to reduce worker onboarding time and the chances of human error. piab has taken all these factors into consideration when developing the piFLOW® BVO line, which is easy to maintain, complies with industry standards, and boosts productivity.

Each of these conveyors from Firing Industries takes solids from a pickup point and releases them in batches into a vessel or other equipment. A level sensor automatically triggers the release processes when the conveyor is filled by every cycle, so users can set the conveyor up quickly. The automatic level sensing enhances employee safety, which protects equipment from extra maintenance shutdowns.

A genuine pioneer in user-friendly solutions, piab has plentiful experience in evolving industrial processes. The piFLOW® BVO series represents a medium automation level in its product range. For a closer look at this new product line, check out the video below:

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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