Powder-handling vacuum conveyor by piab is a safer manufacturing choice

piab has revolutionized the food-processing industry with its piFLOW®p SMART powder-handling vacuum conveyor, available in Canada through Firing Industries. This device is especially potent in additive manufacturing. The conveyor can easily deliver production powder to three-dimensional printing systems without causing any particulate-matter pollution, which is far safer for workers.

With the intelligence and self-learning features that piab has imbued into the piFLOW®p SMART, no tedious setting or testing is necessary: all one has to do is press the start button.

Drawing on 40 years’ experience

The manufacturer is drawing on 40 years’ experience in supplying products for the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors. piab knows that vacuum conveying technology protects workers, products, and the environment. The company developed this powder-handling vacuum conveyor as a closed system to solve common powder issues. The filters, plus additional exhaust air filters on the vacuum pump, stop fine dust from entering the system in the workspace, reducing health risks in a cleaner work environment. The piFLOW®p SMART also protects powder against contamination by environmental influences.

The piFLOW®p SMART from Firing Industries also has an auto-tuning feature that automates the process of powder and bulk conveying. With the renowned COAX ejector technology, this powder-handling vacuum conveyor is pre-programmed with advanced algorithms to eliminate complex manual timer settings and enables constant adaptive automatic fine tuning of the conveying process and recipe handling. Its sensor technology optimizes and increases throughput up to 50 per cent higher than that of conventional conveyor systems.

Other features that enable easy, safe powder handling:

  • IO-Link and other Industry 4.0 features;
  • Pre-set ability;
  • Automatic filter cleaning;
  • Multiple filter shock;
  • Material-safety blockage function; and
  • Optional antistatic filters and seals.

The system also recognizes and stops overfilling and indicates when the container is empty. The piFLOW®p SMART has an automatic pump shutdown that boosts energy efficiency, as well as a suction feed that helps save resources and minimize waste.

For powder handling that is easier and safer than ever before, trust the experts at piab.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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