KSonik III Single or Dual Channel Long Range Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

The KSonik III is an Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Capable of Measuring Liquid and Solid Applications up to 197 ft. / 60 meters. The System Usually Consists of One or Two Transducers, and a Single Transmitter. The Transducer is Fitted to the Top of the Silo or Tank and Faced Down Towards the Material Being Measured. The Microprocessor in the Transmitter Fires and Electronic Pulse, which the Transducer Converts to an Acoustic Pulse. This Pulse Travels to the Material and is Reflected Back from the Material. The Transducer then Converts this Energy Back into a Signal and Stops a Counter in the Microprocessor which then, Knowing the Speed of Sound Through Air, can Accurately Determine the Distance. The Powerful Software Removes False Echoes, and the Electronic Filter Removes Ambient Noise.

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