SlurryPoint 60 Vibrating Level Switch Interface Measurement for Solids in Liquids

The SlurryPoint 60 is a Vibrating Level Switch Designed for Interface Detection of Solids in Liquids Stored in Steeping Tanks. The SlurryPoint 60 Solid/Liquid Interface Units do not Sense Liquid but will Sense the Presence of Submerged Solids, such as Plastic Resins, Clay, Carbon Granules, Sand and Corn. It is Ideal to use when Emptying bins with a High Sediment Level or Maintaining Level of a Submerged Solid. The SlurryPoint 60 is not Recommended for Slurries or in Water with High Turbidity. The SlurryPoint 60 is a Compact and Robust Design, Suitable for Top or Side Mounting. The Unique Design of the Fork and Crystal Assembly Eliminates False Level Readings.

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