Why PVS direct unloaders are superior to standard unloading solutions

PVS Process Equipment recently began supplying its innovative processing solutions in Canada through Firing Industries. Based in Buffalo, NY and known for its unique line of bag unloaders, PVS has made a wide range of powder bulk engineering and manufacturing products for more than 30 years. The company specializes in the customization of a diverse product line to meet customers’ unique needs – from direct unloaders to fillers and dispensers.

Complete discharge of bag contents

With a team of quality-minded, result-oriented employees, PVS works closely with distribution partners and customers to meet all process requirements. The company’s in-house mechanical and electrical design teams use the latest three-dimensional design software to provide a seamless package, whatever the project’s type, size, or scope.

Firing Industries carries PVS’ 14v series of direct-from-bag unloaders, which take the heavy lifting out of emptying drums or bulk bags. These direct unloaders are constructed to handle free-flowing granules, pellets, or powders, and their unique design allows them to draw material from the top of the bag automatically. The carriage stretches the bag during the unloading operation, which forces the material to the centre, enabling continuous and total discharge.

Because of their small footprint, these direct-from-bag unloaders are usable in tight spaces or applications with low headroom. A centre mast is fixed in place with a 16-by-16-inch base plate secured to the floor, and the wand actuator, bleed valve, and hose connections are bolted to the mast top. Easy change-out operation and adjustment to system settings are possible with simple touchscreen control.

PVS direct unloaders have the following advantages over the hoists and trolleys typically used for this application:

  • Complete discharge of bag contents;
  • Direct connection to conveyance pipe;
  • Multiple-loaded-bag capability;
  • No need for additional storage silo;
  • Automatic bag switchover;
  • No need for suspended bag;
  • Integral allergen dust control inside the bag;
  • Compatibility with Alpha-Dri and recycled-paper bedding types;
  • Fit into an eight-foot ceiling height;
  • No need for additional structural support; and
  • Significantly smaller footprint.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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