Reclaim is made easy with Piab’s conveyors

Reclaim is made easy with Piab’s conveyors

piFLOW® vacuum conveyors offer great performance and accessories for optimal reclaim.
Waste is a burden for all producers. Faulty packaging processes, tableting machines being fed excessive amounts of expensive ingredients, and detergent enzymes or chemicals escaping from manufacturing vessels might lead to materials or products being wasted. Apart from the financial loss and wider environmental implications, such waste might also compromise the working environment, putting processing staff at risk. Hence, reclaim procedures are increasingly being implemented in industry, and vacuum conveying offers the perfect solution for producers wishing to minimize their waste and maximize their productivity.

Acting as reclaiming vacuum conveyors, Piab’s piFLOW® range of conveyors perfectly matches the requirements of a broad range of producers and applications. Competitively priced, Piab’s vacuum conveyors provide economically preferential solutions for optimal reclaim. Offered in four different models to suit applications in, for instance, the food, pharmaceutical, packaging, and manufacturing industries, the conveyors feature a small footprint with flexible routing of pipelines, easy assembly and disassembly. Their hygienic design makes them easy to clean and maintain, enabling quick changeover times, contributing to greater process uptime, and guaranteeing highly productive reclaim procedures.

A comprehensive range of accessories complements the conveyors. This includes Suction pipes for generally free flowing or granular materials, Feed nozzles for more challenging materials, and dedicated Feed pipes for fragile products. A Bag dump station, a specialized Feed station and various Feed adapters are also available, and the option of generic or Piab specific interfaces provides additional scope for adjustment. Low noise and contained conveying, ATEX certification, compliance with FDA and EU 1935/2004 regulations as well as current Good Manufacturing Practice ensure safe working environments and problem-free, highly productive operations.

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