Size-reduction equipment is still one of Hosokawa Micron’s top specialties

For decades, Canadian manufacturers have turned to the Firing Industries team for the best in processing equipment. Among the producers with whom it collaborates is Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems, known for innovative milling technology from lab/pilot to production requirements – useful in many sectors, including chemicals, food processing, minerals, pharmaceuticals, and plastics. Hosokawa makes an unsurpassed variety of size-reduction equipment for virtually any application, from mills to laboratory and analytical devices.

Complete systems and standard equipment

Hosokawa Micron’s wide application expertise in milling technology allows it to work with size reduction, micronization, pulverizing, jet milling, air milling, basic grinding, and other applications. With this know-how, the company can assist customers with choosing the most suitable technologies for their unique needs. The Hosokawa crew has the flexibility to design and manufacture complete systems for very specific applications, but also offers standard size-reduction equipment that works for most common milling tasks with high performance and efficiency.

The following categories of Hosokawa Micron size-reduction equipment are available from Firing Industries:

  • Air-classifying mills – Examples include the Alpine table-roller mill, multi-processing system, and picoline.
  • Attrition mills – Mikro and Alpine models.
  • Compaction and granulation – Alpine Bexmill conical mill and Mikro crusher.
  • Compression mills – Four different Alpine products.
  • Granulators, cutting mills, and crushers – Flake crushers, knife mills, and others.
  • Hammer mills – The Mikro Pulverizer, Bantam hammer and screen mills, and more.
  • Jet mills – Including many Alpine machines.
  • Lab and analytical equipment – Mikro Bantam hammer and screen mill and LPM laboratory pin mill.
  • Media mills – Several Alpine products, including agitating, vertical, and horizontal media mills.
  • Pin mills – Several Mikro and Alpine models.

The manufacturer also makes products that suit specific grinding projects, like systems for explosion containment, wear resistance, noise abatement, easy cleaning for fast product changeover, high-heat tasks, and cryogenic applications. The Hosokawa Micron powder-processing team works closely with clients to determine which technologies are most appropriate for their needs. For size reduction, trust Hosokawa Micron.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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