Slip tubes by Jacob are very easy to integrate into tubing systems

Jacob is a leading manufacturer of tubing for such industries as food processing, working for common applications like bulk goods handling, dust extraction, exhaust air, and low-pressure conveying. Available in Canada through Firing Industries Ltd., the lineup includes various designs of tubes, including welded tubes, tubes with ports, and slip tubes.

The latter product series come in 19- and 11-gauge wall thickness, and Jacob recommends them for connecting with ring seals, QUICK CONNECT pull rings, or pull rings with no sealant for 19- and 14-gauge tubes.

No sawing or welding required

These slip tubes are available in various lengths and have been fitted with ring seals. Users insert them into welded tubes as far as necessary and then fix them in place with pull rings. Each slip tube should be inserted a minimum of five centimetres into the straight tube, and the minimum length that is bridged is 45 millimetres. This is the easiest way to create a special length, and no sawing, welding, or lip flanging is required.

Firing Industries also carries Jacob ring seals for slip tubes with a flange connection, designed to protect tubing systems against axial misalignment. These ring seals can be used with tubing systems from 11 to 19 gauge, in conjunction with Jacob slip tubes and flanges for the tubes. The admissible differential pressure is approximately 0.73 pounds per square inch.

It is simple to create special lengths onsite within a modular pipework system with these Jacob tubes. The user needs a push-in pipe, which the manufacturer supplies in various standard lengths, as well as ring seals and QUICK CONNECT pull rings. Jacob recommends adjusting the ring seal approximately according to the desired special length when assembling it with the pipe, and the pipe should be pushed in at least 50 millimetres into the straight pipe. Then the push-in pipe can be adjusted by using one half of a two-part pull ring. Then connect the other half of the pull ring and tighten the screws. This creates a stable connection.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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