Smart vacuum conveyor by piab maintains pressure in Hipering process

piab processing equipment is available through Firing Industries Ltd., including the unique piFLOW®p smart vacuum conveyor. For the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, a unique process has been developed by Tradichem in Spain to miniaturize ingredients at the beginning of the process chain, and the piFLOW®p keeps this process fed continuously.

The Hipering process enables aggregation and densification of dry power into a uniform solid mass, and this piab solution can play an important role.

Protecting ingredients from contamination

This method transforms raw material based on a sequence of processes that alter the physical properties of the material, but maintain its purity and chemical specification. The uniform solid mass resulting from the Hipering process is broken down into specific granule size through a milling system, ideal for manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

The Hipering process involves a screw feeding system that feeds a roller compactor with two rolls, one smooth and one knurled. The piFLOW®p smart vacuum conveyor, available from Firing Industries, fills the feeding system directly from the bin with a feed adapter. The compactor is connected to a rotor granulator to mill the out-coming compacted plaques into granules.

A key advantage of using this smart vacuum conveyor in the Hipering process is that is protects APIs from contamination while supporting compacting by constant feeding. The unit has a closed system that stops APIs from taking on moisture or being contaminated from outside sources. Ingredients are sucked in from the bin and delivered through the vacuum, with no manual handling required, allowing them to run through the system automatically until delivery of the final granules.

piab vacuum conveyors also have simple, uncomplicated cleaning. With a quick-release system with filters and gaskets, users can disassemble, clean, and reassemble the piFLOW®p in a few steps. This is important in the Hipering process, which demands fast product changes to process the APIs, depending on the demand coming in from drug manufacturers.

The piFLOW®p is compatible with the high standards of safety and hygiene in the pharmaceutical and food-processing sectors.

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