Stainless steel tubes by Jacob help air purifiers eliminate germs

Jacob tubing is a popular industrial solution available in Canada through Firing Industries Ltd. One application for which it is recommended: circulating-air purifiers that eliminate resistant germs and mould spores in food processing. Here is how orca GmbH (a manufacturer based in Kürten, Germany) has been using Jacob stainless steel tubes during the COVID-19 pandemic to house the UVpro brand of purifiers it produces.

Purification based on ultraviolet light

orca products are used to treat air, surfaces, and liquid media, particularly in the food-processing and pharmaceutical sectors. Many large food-production companies throughout Europe use these circulating-air purifiers, which operate with a purification technique based on ultraviolet light to prevent bacteria and stop germ accumulation. orca integrates UVpro devices inside Jacob stainless steel tubes, and each purifies 125-180 square feet of air per hour, depending on the model.

UVpro purifiers are suspended from ceilings in cool rooms and storage rooms, where they improve product hygiene and extend product shelf life. Since the Coronavirus crisis began, these purifiers have also been useful in lowering the risk of infections in employees; the optimized vortex system kills 99 per cent of bacteria and viruses in one pass.

With a wall thickness of 19 gauge, Jacob stainless steel tubes are ideal for UVpro production. The UVpro range includes different sizes of units, so orca uses longitudinally seam-welded tubes with diameters from five to 12 inches and a total length of up to three feet. orca fits the tube sections with UVpro tubes, plus reflectors and fans; then it uses Jacob Quick Connect pull-rings, also available from Firing Industries, to fit view production slats at the openings.

Jacob stainless steel tubes and pull-rings meet the strict requirements of the food-processing sector; orca must use components that do not corrode and that resist cleaning agents and water. The manufacturer chose Jacob products for the housings due to the large selection of tube sections made of 304 stainless steel and the easy installation of the pull-rings. Jacob units are also flexibly available at short notice.

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