Triboelectric detection by Auburn solves environmental monitoring challenges

Auburn Systems offers valuable industrial solutions in Canada through Firing Industries. Among the services that businesses get from Auburn is environmental monitoring through triboelectric detection. This technology is a reliable, accurate means of optimizing dust collection and baghouse operations, offering predictive capability to prevent downtime and meet compliance requirements.

Two types of environmental monitoring solutions are available from Auburn: dust-collection monitoring and maintenance, and environmental-compliance monitoring.

Recognize issues quickly and immediately

For dust monitoring, Auburn manufactures TRIBO.series detectors, which offer a variety of benefits to dust-collection operation and maintenance. These triboelectric instruments detect changes in the level of particulate flow, as small as 0.005 milligrams per cubic metre. With this power, plant personnel can recognize any issues that may come up, quickly.

Dust-collection monitoring and maintenance by Auburn offers several benefits. For example, triboelectric bag leak-detection systems locate leaks only minutes after they develop, and early detection saves users plenty in maintenance and operating expenses. Another key advantage is extended service life of filters, as accurate, continuous monitoring assures overall collector efficiency. In addition, predictive maintenance allows maintenance personnel can plan ahead for change-outs, filter purchases, and more.

Firing Industries also supplies Auburn solutions for monitoring environmental compliance. Triboelectric technology for measuring particulate matter has proved to be the most reliable and cost-effective means of monitoring particle flow; often, it is the only practical technology for this application. Even the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States recommends this method of monitoring particulate emissions.

A major benefit of this environmental monitoring by Auburn is assurance of emissions compliance. As emissions limits continue to increase across all industries, older monitoring technologies are becoming obsolete. But the TRIBO line of dust detectors help facilities comply fully with EPA standards and other air-permitting authorities. In addition, switching to triboelectric monitoring as part of a plant’s CAM plans simplifies the reporting process. By automating emissions-data collection and the recording process, TRIBO systems eliminate the need for daily visual-stack inspections and for daily logging of differential-pressure readings for every dust collector.

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