Tubing by Jacob serves multiple applications in many different industries

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Jacob tubing is available in Canada from Firing Industries.

For conveying bulk materials in a safe, reliable way, manufacturers in a variety of industries turn to Jacob. The company’s innovative tubing systems, which are available in Canada from Firing Industries, are renowned for being condensate leak-proof and constructed with materials and workmanship of outstanding quality.

Jacob modular tubing systems are flexible and versatile enough to tackle many applications, from moving sensitive food materials to conveying chemical or pharmaceutical granulates, or even extracting dust or oil mist in metalworking.

Perfect for three main applications

Clients can learn about Jacob’s impressive inventory of tubing products through its online catalogue

. The manufacturer recommends its tubing systems for use in three primary applications:

  • Bulk Goods Handling. Being leak-proof and installation-friendly, Jacob tubing is perfect for conveying bulk goods, including cereals and other grains, coffee and tobacco, spices, sugar, confectionary, rice, pet foods, polyamides, pharmaceuticals, and granulate.
  • Dust Extraction and Exhaust Air. Jacob recommends its tubing systems for environmental-technology applications as well, such as extracting dust. This is highly useful in metalworking, for degreasing systems, oil mist, welding fumes, and grind dust; it is also a benefit in food processing, for extracting dust and fumes. The chemical, pharmaceutical, and plastic sectors also rely on Jacob tubing for handling dust, lacquer, and fumes.
  • Low-Pressure Conveying. Jacob’s tubing is also ideal for conveying applications that require relatively little pressure. Industries in which this application is frequent include the following: recycling, for electronics, plastic, and glass; pulp and paper, for paper, wood, wood shavings, and pellets; chemicals, for polystyrene and PU foam; and air conditioning, involving printing companies, clean rooms, and cereal cooling.

Jacob tubing systems are also a boon to production lines in the milling industry.

For the best conveying and extraction help, it is best to rely on Jacob.

About the companies

Founded in 1924, Jacob produces modular tubing systems for industrial clients around the world. Its North American headquarters is in Memphis.

Firing Industries has provided innovative process-equipment solutions from multiple manufacturers, for many different industries, since 1973.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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