Union Process attritors make grinding easier in food processing

Firing Industries supplies a lot of essential equipment for clients in the food-processing industry, all produced by manufacturers esteemed for high quality. One of these manufacturers is Union Process, which supplies several useful products for the food sector – including two variations of its dry grinding laboratory attritors.

Perfect for chocolate and confectionery

Union Process’ line of laboratory attritors is commonly used for processing chocolate, confectionery, agricultural flowables, and other food products. Users can equip or retrofit these instruments easily and inexpensively with many components and accessories. Other options include inert atmospheres, controlled temperatures, different grinding speeds, different media sizes and types, and obtain exact information on energy consumption.

The manufacturer produces two main types of dry grinding laboratory attritors:

  • Model SD-1 Laboratory Attritor – Built to tackle all dry lab grinding and dispersing tasks, both continuous and in batches. It works just as well for small production or pilot plant work as for larger production equipment, enabling easy and precise scale-up to production-size equipment with repeatable results. Many accessories and other options available.
  • Multi-Tank HD-01 Lab Attritor System – This attritor uses multiple grinding tanks, anywhere from two to six, all controlled by the same power source. It contains a timing belt that ensures that all connected shafts operate at the same speed at the same length of time. Options include standard stainless steel or metal-free, with all tanks made of alumina, zirconia, or Tefzel. Ideal for quality-control and test-grinding applications.

The SD-1 is also available with a mechanical drive or an electronic drive, both available with a 1.5- or 2.5-gallon tank capacity.

The top benefits of using a dry grinding laboratory attritor include faster and more efficient grinding, flexibility, reproducible results, easy operation, elimination of premixing, scale-up capability, and minimal maintenance required.

One of the most versatile products available from Union Process, this grinder is a necessity for food manufacturers who want a better return on investment.

About Union Process

Founded in 1922, Union Process is a top manufacturer of milling technology based in Akron, OH.

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