Union Process custom-designs special circulation attritor for large auto-parts supplier

Firing Industries is known as a valuable source of processing equipment, including grinding attritors manufactured by Union Process (UP). Renowned for its wide variety of innovative particle-size reduction and dispersing machinery, UP can custom-design and build special devices for specific applications. Recently, the manufacturer built a large circulation attritor system for a major supplier of automotive accessories. This has turned out to be a boost to the customer’s productivity.

Explosion-proof attritor for limited space

The auto-parts company, which had previously purchased a large S400 batch attritor from UP, now needed an explosion-proof attritor with a larger capacity that could fit into limited space. Rather than several large batch attritors, UP recommended adding a large, 1,000-gallon pre-mix holding tank to the system, which would increase the company’s total production capacity with one QL-series circulation attritor system.

Available from Firing Industries, UP circulation attritors work with large holding tanks and employ a high pumping rate, which causes a faster grind and narrower particle-size distribution. Benefits of using these attritors include constant large-scale production, excellent temperature control, simple and safe operation, minimal maintenance, and low power consumption. The QL series have specially configured arms and disks for special applications and higher performance.

The QL100 circulation attritor system for the auto supplier has a grinding tank with a gross volume of about 111 gallons, and the mill is powered by a 125-horsepower, two-speed, explosion-proof motor with a variable speed drive. An IEC starter and pushbuttons with a digital AMP display and emergency stop are mounted in a NEMA 7/9 enclosure and wired to the motor completely.

The recirculation system is completed with a 1,000-gallon, stainless steel, pre-mix holding tank. As UP also supplies grinding media for many applications, the customer also bought 4,000 pounds of ¼-inch, through-hardened, carbon steel grinding balls.

The auto-parts supplier put the new system in place, and it exceeded their expectations. This is one of many great success stories that UP has logged for more than 70 years, developing and building custom grinding solutions that work best.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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