Union Process dry grinding attritors work continuously or in batches

Union Process revolutionizes material processing with its famous attritors, available through Firing Industries. The manufacturer offers wet and dry grinding attritors – the latter including the SD series, which users can operate in continuous or batch operation. These are ruggedly constructed machines with specially designed, two-speed, high-starting torque motors. They are also fitted with jacketed, stainless steel tanks and tilting mechanisms to simplify maintenance.

Eight different sizes available

Available in eight sizes, the Union Process SD line of dry grinding attritors is suitable for a broad range of applications. Examples include food products, ceramic powders, metal powders, metal oxides, fibres and cellulose, pigments, minerals, coal, graphite, plastics, rubber, and chemicals.

To conduct continuous operation, the user feeds material into the vessel at the top of the attritor, and the material migrates through the agitating media bed; there, the device processes it into a desired particle size and discharges it through metering bar grids at the tank bottom. For batch mode, the material is charged into the mill at the top, ground for a pre-selected period, and discharged through the bottom grids. The user can seal the system to grind under inert gases like nitrogen or argon.

The SD series can also make dispersion-strengthened metal, or DSM, in a process called mechanical alloying or cold welding. The kinematic porosity results in the grinding media breaking the metals into small particles and beating them together to form agglomerates. Users repeat the process to mix the different metals evenly and disperse them to form a new alloy composition.

Other features and options of these dry grinding attritors from Firing Industries:

  • Each model comes with an ammeter;
  • Users can apply tank liners and arm sleeves of tungsten carbide or various ceramics to eliminate metal contamination;
  • Cover seals are available for conditions that require dust control or grinding under a closed, inert gas system;
  • Torque meters are available, including torque and speed sensor read-out;
  • Users can install media discharge valves; and
  • Variable frequency drives and controls are available.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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