Union Process lab testing services help customers select processing mills

For decades, Union Process (UP) has satisfied industrial needs with innovative grinding and milling solutions. Firing Industries helps Canadian customers benefit from these products. UP makes these processing mills for use in industries that require small particle sizes, like food processing, metals, and pharmaceuticals. How do companies match the right products to their specific materials? Through UP’s lab testing services. The manufacturer maintains a fully equipped research and development laboratory for milling experts to perform tests.

Batch-size, circulation, and continuous mills

UP encourages customers to schedule milling trials at the lab, to find suitable solutions for their needs. Clients can download trial forms to submit for lab testing services.

There are three kinds of UP mills available from Firing Industries: mills for batch-size, circulation, and continuous processing. In batch-size production, the material is placed with grinding media into a stationary, jacketed tank and agitated by a rapidly rotating shaft. The media exerts shearing and impact forces on the material, which creates optimum dispersion and size reduction. These mills have specially designed two-speed electric motors.

Circulation grinding mills blend grinding mills with large holding tanks. Each contains grids that restrain the media as the slurry passes through. What makes it unique is the high circulating rate; the holding-tank contents pass through the mill about eight times per hour. The high pumping rate results in faster grinds and narrower particle-size distribution. Unlike in a continuous machine with the slurry making a single pass, the circulation process sends material through a grinding chamber in many passes, until it reaches a specific particle size.

A continuous grinding mill has a compact vertical design for continuous production of large quantities. It pumps premixed slurry through the bottom and discharges it at the top of a tall, narrow, jacketed tank with internally agitated media. The fineness of the resulting material depends on the time it stays in the grinding chamber.

Watch this video to see UP’s lab testing services at work:https://www.youtube.com/embed/XVCZqLiKpXo

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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