Union Process manufactures dry grinding attritors for production or laboratories

Union Process (UP) has been a major producer of industrial grinding equipment for more than 70 years, and Firing Industries proudly supplies its devices in Canada. UP specializes in manufacturing attritors, apparatuses that grind, mill, and disperse media into smaller forms – which is an essential need in the food-processing, chemical, and metal industries. Both wet and dry grinding attritors are available from UP, including two main types of the latter.

Two basic categories of mills

UP’s dry grinding attritors come in two basic categories: production mills and laboratory mills. Production mills are commonly used in processing applications for such applications as food products, metal powders, metal oxides, chemicals, minerals, plastics and rubbers, graphite, coal and coke, or glass frits.

Users can operate production mills in continuous or batch modes. For continuous operation, the user feeds the material into the top vessel, and the material migrates through an agitating media bed, where the device processes it into a preset particle size and discharges it through metering bar grids at the bottom of the tank. With the batch mode, the material is charged into the top mill, ground for a preset amount of time, and discharged through the bottom grids. Users can easily seal the system for grinding under nitrogen, argon, or other inert gases.

Laboratory mills are versatile pieces of lab equipment that can be easily, inexpensively equipped or retrofitted with a broad range of components and accessories. With dry grinding attritors, lab users can introduce inert atmospheres, operate at controlled temperatures, alter the grinding speed, overcome product contamination, change the media size or type, and get exact energy-consumption data – all with one device. Its results are repeatable from one test grind to another for the highest credibility.

Ideal for formulating, quality control, and scale-up studies, laboratory mills are commonly used for food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, metal powders or oxides, high-tech ceramics, ferrites, fibres, paper coatings, glasses, glazes, tungsten carbides, and agricultural flowables.

Trust Firing Industries for the dry grinding attritor for any plant or laboratory.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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