Union Process manufactures a highly impressive line of grinding media

In food processing and other industries, grinding is a common and necessary application, to process materials into small particles.Union Process, a top American manufacturer whose products are available in Canada fromFiring Industries, makes a variety of grinding equipment for this application. But another useful ingredient in these tasks is grinding media, and Union Process is also a top source for these products.

Grinding media are small objects used to refine materials and reduce their particle size in grinding and milling applications. They come in ball, bead, or satellite shapes in a variety of sizes. Union Process recently expanded its selection of grinding media, andFiring Industriesis already providing them for manufacturers.

Ball mills and steel balls

Union Process was already renowned as a producer of grinding media for its fine grinding attritors and DMQX bead milling devices. In 2016, the company began making two new types of low-cost grinding media, one exclusively for ball mills and the other for both ball mills and attritors.

Forged Steel Balls from Union Process are designed for ball mills and are available in standard and manual versions. Standard Forged Steel Balls range in diameter from 20 to 75 millimetres (mm), while manual ones hit by an air hammer have diameters ranging from 75 to 125 mm. These media have a hardness from 55 to 63 HRC on the Rockwell scale.

For both ball mills and attritors, Union Process produces High Chrome Cast Balls. These have a hardness of 58 to 60 HRC and are available in 17 different sizes, ranging from six to 120 mm in diameter.

Union Process makes its grinding media out of a variety of materials. Metallic grinding media are available in several different types of steel, including stainless, carbon, and chrome. For non-metallic media, materials include alumina, ceramics, glass, silicon, and zirconium.

With this variety of products, Union Process confirms its status as a one-stop shop for grinding needs. All equipment and media are manufactured to meet the most demanding milling applications.

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