Union Process manufactures two distinct designs of dry grinding attritors

Firing Industries supplies top processing equipment for the Canadian market, including dry grinding attritors by Union Process. This manufacturer makes the most comprehensive line of production attritors, which can grind, mill, and disperse media into smaller forms. This is an important requirement for such industries as food processing, chemicals, and metals.

Union Process produces two distinct designs of dry grinding attritors: the HSA series, for continuous production, and the SD series, for both continuous and batch production.

Powders, pigments, and more

Dry grinding attritors are extremely useful in a wide variety of applications, such as ceramic or metal powders, glass frits, metal oxides, fibres, food production, ferrite, pigments, minerals, coal, graphite, plastics, rubbers, and chemicals.

Continuous operation means that the user feeds material into the attritor’s top vessel, and the material migrates through the agitating media bed, where it is processed into a pre-set particle size. The device then discharges the particles through metering bar grids at the bottom. In batch operation, the user charges material into the top mill, after which the attritor grinds it for a predetermined time and discharges it through grids at the bottom.

The SD series can be set to either kind of operation. These machines are ruggedly built and include specially designed, two-speed, high-starting torque motors; they also have jacketed, stainless steel tanks and tilting mechanisms for easy cleaning and maintenance. These devices are commonly used to make dispersion-strengthened metal in a process known as mechanical alloying or cold welding. SD attritors also feature ammeters, and options include cover seals, torque meters, media discharge valves, and various frequency drives and controls.

Firing Industries also carries the HSA series, generally used in continuous mode. These attritors use centrifugal force to charge and discharge material. They feature a patented design concept with a unique grinding tank internal configuration that enables higher shaft speeds, finer grinding, and continuous operation with side discharge. HSA attritors are recommended when smaller-sized particles need to be ground into micron-sized products, as well as for fibrous and polymer materials.

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