UNION PROCESS – Pilot-sized mill a perfect fit for cryogenic grinding

Firing Industries is proud to offer solutions from Union Process, a manufacturer of particle size reduction and dispersing equipment, and supplier of grinding media and materials characterization services. Union Process’ newest solution — a pilot-sized mill for cryogenic grinding — is now available in Canada through Firing Industries.

Key features and advantages – The S5 pilot-sized mill features a specially designed stainless steel insulated cryogenic milling chamber with a temperature probe to help maintain a consistent liquid nitrogen level. The unit also includes a cryogenic cover with vent, a phase separator, a 10-horsepower explosion-proof motor and electricals, and two charging ports for added versatility. In addition, the mill’s actuated ball valve assembly enables remote discharge of the liquid nitrogen slurry. The mill also has a variable frequency drive to control agitator speed, and features an operator station complete with start/stop push buttons and a speed potentiometer. An added bonus: maintenance and cleaning are a breeze because the milling chamber tilts.

An industry expert – Union Process has been developing and building grinding mills for customers across the globe for more than 70 years. The company is the inventor and developer of the Attritor (a registered trademark of Union Process), a batch machine that has evolved into many new machine designs, including continuous Attritors for online production, circulation Attritors for very narrow particle size distribution, and small media mills for grinding to submicron or nano-range particles.

Whether it is manufacturing innovative laboratory mills for R&D or producing large mills capable of grinding tons of material per hour, Union Process is dedicated to remaining on the forefront of milling technology, and Firing Industries is committed to making these solutions available to its customers in Canada.

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