Vacuum conveyor by piab helps milk company with granule task

piab processing equipment is available in Canada through Firing Industries Ltd., including the innovative piFLOW®p vacuum conveyor. This device came in handy for Polmlek Raciaz, a Polish manufacturer of milk-based products, which was dealing with issues regarding granules breaking when transferring instant milk in its operations. Here is how the piFLOW®p allowed the company adjust the speed, with its ejector with high vacuum flow, for safer conveying of these milk granules.

Smoothing out the process

Polmlek Raciaz is the largest 100 per cent Polish-owned dairy company in the country. The company needed to modernize its system, as it faced constant quality issues in this conveyance application. It was using a blower, screw, and rotary valve for this process, but was getting insufficient results that included frequent waste and product damage. Since the company was already using two piab vacuum conveyors at other stations, they turned to this manufacturer for a better solution.

A piFLOW®p device was chosen, and Polmlek Raciaz ran tests at its in-house demo unit to ensure that this unit would improve the vacuum-conveying process and avoid all granule damage. The customer also established the required parameters to confirm a smooth process.

Designed for powder and bulk solids, the piFLOW®p is compliant with the highest standards of hygiene and workplace safety in the food-processing and pharmaceutical sectors. Available from Firing Industries, it is built of electropolished stainless steel and materials that meet international quality and safety regulations. A suction hose made of PU is used as a conveying line, and an internal steel spiral helps minimize the electrostatic charge of the product or diverts it to equipotential bonding. The filter in the upper part is cleaned with a filter shock after every cycle.

Not only did the conveyor solve the original issue with product quality; it also allowed Polmlek Raciaz to reduce the manpower needed, as the process now required less supervision. The company also increased production output because of lower machine downtime and maintenance. Once again, piab supplied the most efficient and productive solution.

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