WaveMix drying equipment by Marion and its six manufacturing advantages

Marion Process Solutions equipment is available through Firing Industries Ltd., including its WaveMix industrial drying equipment. WaveMix uses microwave technology to offer precise thermal processing for a broad variety of applications. When manufacturers transition to WaveMix from traditional indirect heating methods, they yield major advantages.

This direct heating offers competitive benefits for fluid bed, rotary, spray, tunnel, freeze, or flash dryers, whether replacing older equipment or supplementing it with secondary drying.

Quicker processing, higher quality

WaveMix is the new wave in industrial mixing, heating, and drying, using microwaves to generate returns. Microwaving a fluid bed of product creates the benefits of shorter processing time, uniform material temperature, and the flexibility to operate under pressure, vacuum, and/or nitrogen blanket. Users can easily calculate return on investment as test results translate directly into production equipment. This solution from Firing Industries offers six main advantages:

  • Quicker processing times. Direct heating from WaveMix means that material is heated from within instead of indirectly through ambient heat. This is typically more cost-effective, as no energy is wasted through heat-transfer surfaces or in air or liquid around the materials.
  • Higher quality of output. For workers who do not use freeze-drying, microwave thermal processing can be an enormous upgrade, as microwaves heat at precise levels. Microwave hearing is applied directly, enables immediate response to changes, and ensures consistency.
  • Ability to process specialized material. Blending microwaves, vacuum, and agitation provides a highly controlled, consistent process for thermal processing.
  • Smaller footprint and safer operating environment. Unlike external heating technology, microwave equipment does not heat up or generate excessive radiant heat in the area.
  • Reduced loss of material. Causes of material loss include inconsistent operating temperature or imprecise temperature control. Microwave technology prevents this issue with consistent results.
  • Flexibility in multiple applications. WaveMix can be easily adjusted to work for such sectors as food processing and pharmaceuticals.

Watch this video to get a better look:

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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